What would you add to the EDR/IQ STEM Labs if you could?

If you could add anything to the EDR/IQ STEM Labs portals, that would provide for a better student experience, what would it be?

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Honestly, something other then VCS.

I spent a lot of time today just trying to get it to work… It just took a lot of time.

If we could also get RMS files that would help out for entry level camps.


I would add an additional section for teacher submitted materials. This way educators/coaches can share lesson activities that pertain to that units content focus. It would also allow for someone to submit those types of files for RMS and other format users.

In addition, I think that providing units on subsystem design concepts. (i.e. different drivetrain, lifting, and manipulator concepts) would go a long way in helping our students understand the engineering side of the program.


Thanks for the feedback. We are planning to update the V5 STEM Labs to include VEXcode.

Teacher submitted materials is something we’ve discussed because we certainly see the value in it. One thing that teachers can do now is become certified: https://certifications.vex.com/

Certified teachers have access to their own private forum where they can do exactly what you are describing. One of our goals, through certification, is to create a professional learning community that teachers can tap into for on-going support.

Finally, we are in the process right now of adding more articles to help.vex.com . One of the things that we want to include are articles with the exact topics that you are mentioning. We will eventually have more engineering-focused STEM Labs, but we wanted to provide some resources at help.vex.com in the meantime.

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I’m doing a summer camp with high school kids that have never done robotics before. Maybe 10% could handle the text. This is an “Upward Bound” program for disadvantaged kids.

I need blocks!

With RMS I can do blocks with the competition template.


I like how they made it so in VCS you can just choose motors and other things for your code. So I would make it so instead of just having what you program, perhaps you could CAD your robot in it too.

Good thing VEXcode V5 Blocks is on the roadmap for this fall… :slight_smile:


When will the EDR STEM Labs be updated to include the new VEXcode V5 text/block?

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We plan to have the V5 STEM Labs updated with the initial release of V5 Blocks later this month.


We have the same question, it would be ideal for the EDR Stem Labs to use VEXCode instead of VCS.

For new EDR competitors, we’re using the Stem Labs for training on how to build and program in the platform. It’s great because it’s student directed in the pace they take to go through the different courses.

– Looks @tfriez answered the question, right as I submitted this post. Great answer, very excited. :slight_smile:


Many people likely wouldn’t add anything at all. Because stem labs in full of largly useless tutorials, which are in my opinion in very little relation to the comeptition.

Not the most helpful comment and contradictory. The first sentence implies everything you need is there, the second implies nothing is there.

So reframe the question to your context and see if you can make a constructive contribution. “What would you add to STEM Labs to make it relevant to competition teams?”

Do note the intended audience is for classroom use where you can send groups of students to work on a module, hone a particular skillset and extend/adapt for their needs. Something nice to have when you have a classroom full of eager learners.

My opinion is the STEM labs offers much for preparing competitive teams. Just a format that might not work well with all students.


My first sentence simply implied that nothing should be added, because only a select number people benefited from it. And my second sentence added onto what I said in the first sentence.

Vex does however have a better tutorial system:

one of several curricula out there for VEX. So, to be constructive, how do you find that curriculum a better tutorial than the STEM Labs activity units? I think that is the feedback the poster needs.