What would you call this design?

Our robotics team was inspired by this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIx0t8bYvVA

We took the inverted intake roller design and also used the anti-slip over rollers for the large balls. We are constructing this robot for Vex Toss Up and thought this design was excellent. Through research this general design was pretty popular so we modified the overall design a little bit. Including a different lift design and wheels.

Were were curious, what would this design be called? Very general question I understand, but I mean how the Scissor Lift is called the ‘Scissor Lift’ for it’s look at use much related to a scissor. Just curious and frustrated when trying to address the design by a name.

That’s a 6-Bar arm, side-roller intake with a standard 6-wheel drive system.

Is that what you mean? Owen is around here somewhere, and can probably give you more details if you wanted.

Yeah, if you were looking for what the lift was called, it’s a 6-bar. Robots designed similarly to this can be called 6-bar side roller robots.

In Gateway, something similar to this was called the NZ design, because it was first seen in New Zealand. However, I think most people including those in New Zealand would like to see the end of this terminology, as it falsely suggests all NZ teams have the same design.

As for the extended rollers to pick up large balls, I’ve heard them called a number of different things, including extended side rollers, tower rollers, and flower pots.

Among our club we tend to call them “Owen Rollers” or something to that effect.

Instead of NZ Design it’s also commonly called a “Gateway-Style Intake” since it was so popular in Gateway. IIRC, every team in worlds finals that year used such an intake.

Pretty sure 2W didn’t.

My team refers to the intake as extended side rollers. Must say “flower pots” is an interesting name…


How sure are you George?

I think you’re missing something, a team in the finals definitely did not have that intake.

Okay almost every, sorry :o

Weeelllll I GUESS you could slightly disassemble 2W’s chassis, rotate the two parts on their sides, and you could have a modified side roller intake? :stuck_out_tongue: EDIT: And if you think about it, as the objects pass each extra set of wheels, they get a speed up! :smiley: although maybe at 5:1 (torque) it’s not much of a difference…

To the original poster, good choice on your intake, I hope it works well for you too, and good luck!




PLEASE tell me you guys are making another godly Defensive robot. Watching you win Gateway’s Worlds gave us inspiration for both last year’s and this year’s game. It would be so awesome to see another game-mastering robot.

I love it :smiley:


We actually tried last year, but we scrapped it a few days before worlds… Field was too big. We designed as we built and realized too late that it wasn’t feasible. Too many ways to beat what we had; It wasn’t a 2 strategy chokehold like it was in gateway.

Maybe this year :D.


Scrapped this and built a robot in 2 days for worlds… Ended up 13th in qual and was picked by 2nd seed as their first choice.

Okay, that is incredibly cool. I wish I had seen it play at one time or another.