What're your favorite designs this year? What traits did you take from them?

This year’s been pretty great for vex. The nightmare of 2020 is settling, and new teams join. What’ve you seen so far that you’ve drawn inspiration from? what traits?

Initially, we were pretty inspired by the Mankato Area robot in 24 hours, and actually copied most of it. However, we soon realized that a j-shooter was not great for us, although it worked magnificently for them. I’m also pretty inspired by the no motor cartridge idea, although I do not use it.

PS: welcome to the forums


We liked the 5069 robot and our design is based off it but with some of our own improvements.

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606x was really helpful, their motor sharing mechanism explanations helped our team win a create award at our first competition. Its great how much they were willing to share with the community.

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