What's better: two 3600RPM gearless motor mods (cartridgeless) or one 3000RPM 5:1 blue motor (maybe with weights)

I feel that the second option is better, but my team thinks that the first option is.

Our goal is to shoot farther and ramp up faster, and stay spinning long.

One 3600 RPM gearless motor.

Best option is 1 3600motor with weights. This is beacuse ypu dontbhave to have extra shafts and bearings for gearing reducing friction help8ng with spin up and adding 1 or 2 flywheel weights is great. This is what i use and i have no issues

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It depends what your goals and constraints are.

If you are set on doing one motor, a cartridgeless motor is going to be your best option. This is because the gearbox adds friction, and external gears also add friction. This friction is going to reduce the maximum speed you can achieve, worsen spin up times and motor performance.

If you’re able to use 2 motors, this will put less strain on each motor, and for a two motor flywheel, a external gear ratio along with a 600rpm cartridge is going to be your best option.

TLDR: Cartrdigeless is the best for a 1 motor flywheel, otherwise use a cartridge.

2 motor flywheel is a bit overkill. You can easily get good range with 1 3600 rpm motor or 3000 rpm motor. Just tune your flywheel angle and speed

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Well, we’ve had a weightless gearless singular 3600 rpm motor for a long time, and it sucks. It takes a while to spin up, too.

We have that (no weight) but it sucks. It spins up strangely and doesn’t shoot very far at all.

What do you mean by spin up strangely? As in it’s very shaky or something else?

Maybe the issues lies in how the cartridgeless motor was built. One of the builders on my sister team tried to build one very poorly and it had issues speeding up.

No, it’s hard to explain. It’s just… bad.

Might be what we did. How did they fix it?

If you have problems with a direct flywheel, geared is ok too.

It’s not as bad as everyone says, and it’s much easier to get really minimal friction on it.


Especially with ball bearings

Your flywheel should be supported on both sides. That could cause vibrations resulting in a loss of energy and the flywheel have unnessesary strain. As for the disc not shooting far it could be a compression issue.