What's Everyone's Team Giveaways at Worlds?


Hello everyone attending 2018-2019’s World’s competition! What are some things that everyone plans to be giving away at the Tournament? I’ve heard that bands and stress balls are rather common and since it is my team’s first year attending Worlds we are really excited to see everyone’s giveaways!

My team will be giving out some things to anyone who asks for them, our main items being;

  • 7316 Beach balls
  • 7316 Bracelet bands
  • 7316 Tokens
    (And my personal favorite,)
  • We’ll be hosting a labcoat giveaway throughout the competition. Anyone from any division can come to our table and doodle on the labcoat and put their name in the drawing to win it at the end of the tournament. [This is since our team has worn labcoats throughout the season. We’re team 7316B for anyone wanting to draw on it or potentially win it.]

I’ll also be personally making rounds around the divisions with a Starburst candy bot so stay on the lookout!

I’m curious what everyone else plans to bring as giveaways, let me know in the comments!

[P.S. I’m new to posting on the forum so I apologize if this is in the wrong area, I can move it to the correct one if I turn out to have it in the incorrect place.]



Team trinkets are great, and yours sound really cool! However, the venue might have a problem with your “starburst bot.” From the VEX Worlds team FAQ:

Q: Can teams bring items to sell from their booths during VEX Worlds?
A: Teams may not sell items from their pit or on the grounds of the Kentucky Exposition Center. Teams may distribute free items such as pins, buttons, stickers, information flyers, etc. Food or beverage distribution, however, is prohibited.

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Oh, I didn’t think about that. I guess I may need to switch the candy out with pins or buttons then if it becomes a problem. Thanks for reminding me of this!

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2775J is handing out silicone wristbands. Come stop by our pit and get some! :grin:(middle school)



Teams 4478X/V/D will be giving out stickers and having a free raffle for a Masuk Robotics shirt and hat!



Hey, I saw you do the Starburst thing at Ohio State Championship! (I had the Baby Driver jacket and talked to the bot Driver once)
That was a really neat idea! My only recommendation would be to maybe make your candy bucket quite a bit higher in the interest of making sure it’s visible (and doesn’t get stepped on by some random chance).



Hey there! Driver here! I think I have fixed the visibility issue. I added some flags on standoffs to make it more noticeable, (Flags are about 2 feet higher than when you last saw it.) Glad you liked the robot! I was worried about it getting stepped on too, lmao

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8685Y is giving out 3D printed Alabamas with 8685 on it. So if you want to build a map of the US with 3D printed states or something, we’re your people.



DRow for GDC stickers. Lots and lots of DRow stickers.



I ordered like 2000 wristbands 0.0

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Rookie numbers. 10,000 stickers.



lmao that’s just wasted money at that point :stuck_out_tongue:



Roboraven does have a point. You’ve got more than enough for both all of the high school teams and all of the middle school teams together. Saying that, I’d be glad to wear a sticker or two of yours. I’m going to be collecting whatever giveaways I can get. :grin:



I wouldn’t speak so quickly, they’ll likely be the single most popular merchandise item at worlds.



You need a sticker on all sides of the robot, including the bottom when it flips over!

And with the new rules, a sticker to mask the opposite side of the license plate.



We will be passing zapped stickers to everyone who wants one, and we will be passing Delta IV stickers to everyone we ally with + good friends. :slight_smile:
Everyone at VRC HS worlds will receive a Delta IV business card



If my team made it to Worlds, I would love to give away my annoying younger sibling, who was just messing with my computer.

I didn’t see in VEX Worlds team FAQ anything saying it wouldn’t be ok.

Do you think I could do that?

:wink: :wink: I’m just kidding. I love him.



Team VIRUS buttons… you’ll find a VIRUS team in all 5 tournaments, from Elementary IQ to VEX-U.

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I has stickers



We have Bee antennas