Whats more Important?

In Turning Point, what would you value first. Flags or Caps?
This can be focusing on whatever, such as what subsystem should be built first, what should be targeted in a game, or even what you score first when you count up the scores.
What do you think?

I would say not flags or caps specifically but the high flags and high posts.

All the flags are worth one more point than all the caps, so there about equal

Early on in the season, most robots won’t be able to get to the high flags.

Really? It seems like, if need be, people could just change the rollers to a claw on whatever was used to stack cones, the poles only 32in of the ground

Lower flags can be flipped without using balls, so I if I had to choose between a specialized system for either, I would put a higher priority on being able to score and unscore caps on high posts.

Parking shouldn’t be underestimated either, being able to squeeze 2 robots onto the center platform is worth 12 points.

But that’s illegal

What do you mean?

Sorry, I thought they were talking about caps :stuck_out_tongue: