What's New?

I haven’t been to the forum in a while. School is really stressful, but I finally found time for Vex! I finally love it again!:smiley: Could anyone give me any info on new products or designs? Thanks in advance :smiley:

VexNet is out. I don’t know what you know about it but in a nutshell you get wifi control of your bot and wireless downloads and debugging. HS chain is out as well, just like the old stuff but bigger and way beefier (50lbs tensile strength). Thats all i think for new products that are OUT right now. There is a beta test of the new microcontrollers right now you can get more info about this on the wiki.


Thanks! :smiley: Do you know anything about some kind of Vex Pro I saw on the store?

from what i have seen it is vex stuff that is for FRC robots.


Oh. OK Thanks! :D:D

And as you can probably see, the forum and the Vex website has been completely redone.

Glad to have you back!

Thanks! :slight_smile: I’m making a new 'bot BTW. That’s why I got back on. I’ll have updates on that later on, when I’m near the final stages of epicnezz. I got quarterly week and I’m kinda stressed (THANK GOD! It’s almost over!) so I won’t show anything today.

I don’t know if you’ve seen my tech channel on youtube, but besides school tiring me out, that’s the primary reason I took a break from robotics. My channel’s down there. VVVVV :):smiley: