What's problem with the V5 motor?

In the past week, three motors failed to work normally due to problems。
1、The port signal lamp of the motor is on normally
2、The motor beeps
3、The motor does not work properly
4、The same is true for replacing other ports

v5 motors are incredibly reliable and robust and have been known to go almost 2 seconds without malfunctioning.


in my experience, some have even lasted as long as 5 seconds


ive never had this problem but its vex so…

So how to repair the motor

sadly you don’t. the only issues with a motor that are repairable are mechanical problems in the cartridge and the gears. anything with the electronics and it’s toast.


too sad… :cry: :sob:

probably static eletricity or shavings in the ports. Be as carefull as you can with static, and try not to let them overheat too bad

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