Whats The Best Bot

whats the best bot

Bottlebot cause it can be your own waiter.

Tomohawk just because its cool

I say bottle bot also because that thing is awsome!

we can simple combine the tomohawk drive base and the bottlebot arm to make the ultimate robot.

Bottlebot b/c it has more programming involved
and tomahawk b/c it is harder to build b/c the design is more compact

*i’d say the **tomahawk because it looks the coolest, also, i still cant figure out how it works exactly.

i like the ribbon cutter bot because of the way the arm extends. I think its cool

i like the bottlebot and the tomahawk, and hope to build the bottle bot in the next couple months and i welcome any advice i can get from you members that are vastly more experienced than i am, trust me you are. back to the question at hand:confused: i would have to go with the tomahawk cause i’m a motocycle enthusiast and the tomahawk actually leans for crying out loud. please send any advice on building vex robots and the bottlebot in particular to whizpig@hotmail.com