Whats the best drive for Starstruck?

Whats the best drive for Starstruck?Me and my partner are thinking a boosted tank drive.

What do you define as “boosted.” A tank drive is probably a good place to start, especially if you are new to vex.

Since there is no pushing this game, a wicked fast holonomic (maybe consuming up to 8 motors) would seem to work best to me.

The level of wicked fast is determined by the wheel size and gear ratio you can get away with without tripping the PTC’s. I think the middle holonomic wheels on 6 motors using the middle speed gear config will be the most likely candidate.

We are testing a very fast drivetrain right now and there is definitely a limit to useable. You don’t have as much space to maneuver as you think, especially with another partner on your half of the field.
There will be unique drives in the end. Fast is good, but make it controllable for your drivers cause they will need it.

Fast but controlable. There are many different drives that will work great this year, it just depends on ejat you want your driventrain to do.#303

I was thinking about making a 6-motor h-drive and mount the launcher thingy sideways on the robot. That would make blocking very easy!

If you want controllable, just give your driver tons of practice with another robot on the same side, if you want to block or counter block then going side to side is going to be very important…

I mean boosted meaning a good ratio and probably about 8 motors.

I would go with a nice sturdy x or h drive. They give you all the control you need and can be quite fun to build.

So what I’m thinking right now is this:

If you have an intake that can get the stars at any orientation then I don’t think you need a holonomic drive. It would take up less motors (over an H) and gives you more space to work with inside the robot with a regular tank drive

I think a x/tank drive is the best option, as I do not feel it is necessary to use more than 4 motors on the drive.

From what I know, X-drives are the fastest out there. You’re gonna need a fast drive this year. The game is basically who can overload the other side quicker. There are some strategies to do this in other manners, but my understanding is quickly pick up and shoot, doing both at the same time. You need to be as quick as possible. 8-motor x-drive should provide enough motors to do everything else. I don’t see how this wouldn’t work.

X-drives are a great option this year, and they’re definitely faster than tank drives of the same gearing. But I don’t think anyone should build an x-drive solely for the speed boost. Putting a gear ratio on a tank drive is a lot easier than building an x-drive, and you can get just as fast with proper gear setup.

Let’s talk about hanging while we’re at it!

Based on my approach, if you have an X drive with angled corners, you can get closer to the hang bar before you hit the field perimeter walls in that corner. Especially considering that like a lever, the farther out you have the robot’s mass from the desired fulcrum, the more force required, being able to get right next to the hang bar is pretty useful.

This of course assumes that your hanging mechanism is the same thing you are using for your lift, and is built along one of the four main sides of the base. If you are doing a separate, hang-only mechanism (as we are currently considering), then you should definitely consider mounting it on a corner so that you can be as close to the hang bar as possible.