What's the best method to secure flip down rollers

Our team wanted to create flip-down rollers (like the China designs) but we’re having trouble in securing them tightly.

We were wondering if you guys had any thoughts on making flip-down connections stronger

By securing them tightly, are you referring to your rollers flexing out, or the rollers going back upwards?

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I actually have a similar issue. They need to lock down as to not pop back up.

rubberband them
I have been trying to figure something similar out and gravity and rubber bands works the best. Set a point for your arms to stay at so the intakes dont hit chassis but are parallel to tray.

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I have that done fine, it’s rubber banded fine, it’s just that if it’s pulled over a cube the arms fold back over

We’re referring to our rollers flexing out

@Sylvie I am currently developing a latch for my intakes and it will look something like this @YesSir pictures would be appreciated so that we can give relevant tips

Rubber bands and gravity has done well for our team. They only issue is that they slightly flip upwards when pivoting into a cube but return to their original position.

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