What's the best robot to build for Challenge Square away

Are robot is falling apart dew to a few incidence and we’re wondering what’s the best robot to build in 4 days

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Um, I’m not sure what you expect us to do about this. Also, are you talking to Natalie or is the team “team Natalie.”


Uh hey I’m so sorry I was looking for my team

How about you try this whole post again?

What is the goal of this post? (I am guessing this is what you meant)

Currently we are having issues with our robot. I am trying to build a robot for a competition this week and need a guide to help me get started. Does anyone have anything to assist me in building a robot we could use at a competition?

4 ball grid, tank tread 2x2 2 pin black connecting piece ball intake, 4 bar for scoring cubes / dragging.

2 sided one bar hooks to drag cubes is easy design. For four days I would do this.

You could try searching up designs on youtube and just iterate on them.

Are you using the current competition build “Clutch”? https://content.vexrobotics.com/vexiq/pdf/228-4444-310%20Rev1-web.pdf

This is a legal bot that will be able to grab balls and move cubes, but is not as sturdy as I would like.

Personally, I would go with “Flex” from last year: https://content.vexrobotics.com/vexiq/pdf/228-4444-300-Flex-BI-20180321.pdf

You can forget the hook on the top, and with some slight modifications it should be able to lift cubes onto platforms. Hope this helps.

I’ll try every thing but I’m using claw bot and it’s falling apart and my team is in need of help and yah

If it’s falling apart, then the issue is more build quality? Can you show a picture? There isn’t a “best” robot out there. The best robot is one that meets your goals within your capabilities. No sense in building those crazy robots and can get multiple cubes, easily put them on the high platform, get tons of balls and put them on top of the cubes, etc… if the build is so complex. Sometimes over complex isn’t better. Build a simple robot.

Well it was just fine but it was over the limited of hight so we messed it up so we need one to pick up Cubs and balls I use the claw bot it doesn’t do anythingIMG_20191017_154224 IMG_20191017_154213 IMG_20191017_154218

OK, thanks for the explanation. My daughter’s school had a summer camp in June and they built Flex. Clutch robot build instructions wasn’t out yet. You can just build Flex. Yes, their Flex bot was going over the 15" limit, but you can put something in to block it from going beyond 15". If you build Flex, you don’t need the hook at the top.

Also, you may not need a robot that picks up balls. My daughter’s team’s robot only picks up cubes. They don’t bother with the balls. It’s their first year… so they built something that was within their capabilities. Their teach knew cubes are more important than balls (100 points vs 70 points).

Their team had their first tournament this past weekend and came in 16 out of 35 team (elementary and middle school). My daughter’s team is a first year elementary school team.

So, simple robot. Don’t think that your robot has to do everything, and build to your capabilities.

Ok thanks that sounds grate but was her compatition at Desert Thunder that’s were mine was on October 19 and I got 9 place but to his is my second year so I have a tip for her to become friends white the vex crew and tell her to not be afraid of asking questions to the teacher and if her team mates aren’t there she will only be able to play half time what’s her team name mine is DNA but thanks for the help

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