Whats the best way to mount an IMU?

What is the ideal place to mount an IMU? On rubber links? Near the ground? Ontop of something heavy? Up in the air? Away from drive train wheels or other motors and mechanisms that move?

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I think you should mount it as far away from vibration as possible (so probably away from mechanisms, and probably on rubber links like the old gyro), but I heard that it’s not as important for the IMU.

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the old gyro and new inertial sensor both use the same underlying technology, obviously the new inertial sensor is a much more recent design, but they will both be affected by vibrations (I hear load music can have an impact).

you should do tests with the IMU mounted in different positions to find the best position for your specific robot.


That makes sense, I wonder if rubber links are less effective now that there is only one mounting point on the imu sensor, and only 1 rubber link would be able to be used… I assume not but who knows.

Those tests you ran are some really good insight. I hope I have the time to run some tests of my own, thank you!

You can mount the Imu onto a metal plate and then mount that plate on as many rubber links as you want.


that’s a good idea! 20charlimit