Whats the highest robot skills and programming skills scores you've seen so far?

Hey guys! I’m captain of team #2202 from Puerto Rico. I was just wondering if you know whats the highest scores in robot skills and/or programming skills you have seen in vex elevation so far. Our robot can do 58 in robot skills and we are practicing to make it at least couple of points higher.

The highest I’ve seen is 50 posted by 723 and one of the exothermic teams.

Our bot really is too slow to post much more than 40 consistently.

as for autonomous, highest I’ve seen is 19 from 880 while practicing at school, 14 in a competition.

829t just did 59 in omaha i think

whoa … thanx … got to work on that

Must get 5 more points to beat it

1429 did 58 points at the Dallas regional . Should have been 59 but they dropped one cube at the last second.

now we are at 59 pts :slight_smile: … 2 weeks left, a lot of time to go up to 60 something

How about programming skills? In 20 seconds I think the maximum would be three goals and seven cubes. Anyone done 22 points yet in regular auto? In the 60 second auto challenge, I’m guessing that no one could do more than 35 points (or 45 if you managed to get on the platform will flipping the cube just right). Anyone want to guess what it will take to win in Dallas? I’m guessing 27 points will win it. Anyone seen more than 27 in the 60-second challenge yet?

I was talking to a mentor from team 45 Saturday night in Atlanta, and he said that someone had done 36 points in the 1 minute autonomous challenge, 1 cube in 6 goals.

He also said that last year at the Championships, there were 2 robots on the same field doing the challenge at the same time. If this is the case this year, it will make for an interesting challenge.

Rick, I don’t think there is the big cube on the field for the autonomous challenge, just the driver’s challenge.

I was trying to think of the logistics of that. It might just be possible with a special-built autonomous 'bot, but that’s really, really amazing. Our fastest robot goes from side to side in three or four seconds. Just driving around the perimeter of the field, without taking time to use sensors for scoring, and allowing 2 seconds to turn in each corner, would take 20 seconds. This only leaves 40 seconds to pick up two more cubes and score in six different goals. If someone does that they deserve to win. (Our two most-experienced teams are using line following in the PC. They are targeting five goals, but I still don’t know if they can pull that off in one minute.)

This would be a Really, Really Bad Thing. Let’s hope this isn’t the case.

I just checked the game manual – the bonus cube is there, but not the cubes on top of it.

This is going to be fun. :slight_smile:

You are right:

In the previous two events that we have attended, there was no big cube on the field.
Also, from the second statement, we shouldn’t have to worry about multiple robots on the same field.

Our program director, called VEX or something and he was told that the world record for autonomous challenge was 18 pts., but I know that’s impossible. Someone must had made more than that.

I got 54 in the robot skills challenge and 18 in the programming skills challenge (though I got 19 in practice)

Team #1103

If that’s the case, I’m tempted to believe that scoring 2 cubes in two goals for 14 points and then getting on the ramp would be the best way to win the competition with 19 points.

Make that 3 or 4 goals just to be sure. Remember teams are getting better prepared for this, so its going to be way different scores now.

Its fairly straight forward to get the 4 you start with in, right now my goal is 4 cubes in 4 goals, but thats a big stretch… The highest I saw was a little more than 50 at the Hawaii Regional, not sure about Pan-Pacific, I think it was more.

646A scored 48 at Pan-Pacific Robot Skills, I think.

646a scored 53 points at Pan Pacific (8 goals and on the elevated platform). They almost had 58, but the bonus cube was slightly on the platform.

For the programming skills, 394 scored 22 points (2 goals, on the platform, and bonus cube) at a small tournament in Hawaii in February.

See you all in a week!

Programming skills update:

In a practice run, team 394 scored 34 points! Since it’s not my team, I will not divulge the scoring method. If they can keep it consistent, they will be deadly for this competition.

Hmm… there are only so many ways to score 34 points. If you treat goal caps, the platform, and the bonus cube as a family of 5-point scores, called “fives” below, these are the combinations I can think of:

Six fives, plus four cubes – possible. Four caps, plus the platform, plus the bonus cube, scoring just the four onboard at the beginning would be 34.

Five fives, plus nine cubes – just barely possible. It’s likely that this would consist of scoring the four onboard cubes, then draining one autoloader and scoring all that. This would be much harder than the first option.

It’s just barely possible to figure three floor cubes plus two autoloader cubes, but that would take a long time and is more prone to error. I’m guessing it’s the first one. It’s the strategy our teams are using. :slight_smile: