Whats the highest Skills Challenge score?

Hey, I was wondering how the skills challege is going around other people’s competitions. In our last competition, our both got around 60(which I know is bad), and the highest was 80 flat.
Peeps on my team said that the highest right now is by team 254 I believe with around 104? I’m not 100% sure on that. I was just wondering how every one else was doing.
Just so you guys know, the driver that got a 60 practiced and practiced, and although unofficial, managed to get 114: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-wvVH_aMbU

Good luck every one x]

I’d have to refer to this:

“This video is private.”

I asked the driver, and now it is not private anymore. Every one is free to watch :]

oh wow, thats impressive. Our bot for the regional was basically the same (minus the holonomic which it now has) really cool. Our driver is getting up there :stuck_out_tongue: hoping for something close to that score at Pan Pacific, though I would be happy with something over 90…

we’ll see what happens xP our driver is the type that gets nervous at competitions, so hopefully he can think straight when he is driving at Pan Pacific xP

Interesting design. May I inquire to the gear ratio you are implementing on the drive train?

It happens … Before competitions I practice and get good scores for the Skills challenges, but end up getting way lower scores in the competitions. It’s the nerves that really determine how well you do in it.

Really good robot by the way. It has a great ball holding capacity. Very fast too. Good job.

The video is private again. Did the driver change its settings again?

thanks, but its not my robot so i’ll tell him you gave good words x].

and about the video being private, he didn’t tell me anything, but it is possible. He probobly doesn’t want other people to copy is robot, or his technique

Video has become private again, would be highly appreciated if we can see it.

After Day 1 of the Pan-Pacific tournament, the highest Programming Skills score is 368E’s 60. Second is 41 or so and third is 2438A’s 37 (yay). The scores for driver skills are pretty close–the current highest is 368F with 107, but they have some close competition from 254A (The Cheesy Poofs–102?), 394 (Highlands Intermediate–101), and 2438A (`Iolani School, 99 (yay)). However, I don’t believe that the team who posted the 114 video has done Driver Skills yet.

And yes, 368 is going to Worlds. 368E locked up three slots for the same bot at the East Oahu Regional, and if they stay ahead in Programming and Driver, they are guaranteed at least two more spots.

I believe it is 71

368E has 116, and 254A has 114

Why don’t more people do the skills challenge? It seems like even though people wrote autonomous and driver controlled code they don’t enter the skills challenges. In my opinion its worth it to post a score even if its not going to win you the competition /* Though it is cool to win / Sadly our team will have to settle with 3rd in programming skills and 6th in driver, it could have been 2nd and 3rd but one football on the tee was slanted and didn’t want do go over D: / Twice */

Really? They kept going after 6:30? Impressive. Looks like 368E gets a couple more slots… :stuck_out_tongue:

intresting. We won the drivers challenge award at wildstangs regional with 60 points.

In a regional with at least 18 teams. Its a pretty easy ticket to texas if no one else jumps on the chance.

On kennypu’s link, there’s a comment that said a Puerto Rican team scored 130. Any thoughts?

I assume:
20 footballs (100)
Bonus ball (10)
20 Green balls–4 preloaded, 8 pushed through, 8 picked up (20)

For programming skills we (2911) think we are up to 90-100 at practce. 9 on wall plus about 9 on the floor. check out BCALT1 on you tube “Autonomous” for our mechanism.

we did 121 on our 10th? try
if our drivers practiced a bit more, they could squeeze a few more greens
(we missed one green under the slot)

I’ve had something to do with a 130+ before :slight_smile:

it’s quite possible.