What's the ideal grade for a ramp?

Has anybody build a ramp and successfully use it competition. What is the grade of your ramp? Did you achieve high lift or a low lift.
Thanks for sharing your experience.

we use a ramp that moves, the grade is no more than 5 degrees, but as to how we get them to 12 inches, that’s the real lifting part

My best estimate would be that the most you want to make your ramp is 30 degrees

High lift

Is the red robot trying to lift on the blue side?

It was the practice field

We have managed to get a two motor four bar lift to work with our single flywheel intake. We have a flat plate that comes down after we activate the lift motors. Our “ramp” sits flat on the field and only requires the alliance partner to drive up a .5" bump. We then lift them straight up. Gear ratio 1:107 external gearing.

That’s an impressive lift!

Amazing! How do you keep your bot from tipping over? some kind of counterweight?

Our ramp that we had earlier in the season was a 26 degree angle ramp for a high lift but that was somewhat steep and would only work with some robots. The lower angle the ramp the better.

We had two anti-tip bars that shot out when our lift was engaged. Tipping is our biggest weakness. Our lift can hold 20+ lb robots, but our center of gravity shifts way out in front of our robot.

I think an angle of around 15 degrees would allow for almost all robots to drive up it, providing they have the right width chassis, and a sensible speed.

However, a ramp that is solely dependent on the alliance partner driving up it i.e no lift mechanism on your part, would need an angle of just under 30 degrees to fit into the climbing zone, with a 18x18x17 robot.

its been discussed before, but a single 17.5" long ramp is too steep for heavy robots (or robots with turbo or speed motors) to climb up it
for compactness it seems like a rubber band powered lift is the best if you have good anti-tip