What's the limit on editing posts?

I planed on continually editing the first page of this thread to show my progress with the app and eventually add the download link. However, it seems that my ability to edit has been removed; the “edit” icon no longer appears when I hover over the post. I tried to tweak the HTML of the page to create my own edit button, but it gave me an error popup that said I’m not allowed to edit the post.

Do I need to wait a certain amount of time to edit the post again, or did I reach a limit of some kind which permanently keeps me from editing?

Yes, there is a 24 hour window to edit posts. Any updates will have to be made in a separate post on the same thread. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thanks for letting me know @DRow!

Also, if it’s too late to edit the original post in a thread you started, you can make a reply and set that as being the answer to your original post (you can also change which post is the answer, and can do this at any time as far as I know).

I sincerely doubt VEX has any motivation to modify esoTalk for something as trivial as this. They selected it as their forum software because it gets the job done well enough.

It’s all a big equation of resources: time, money, and engineering effort, just to name a few.