What's the meaning of "the current position of the Motor"?

I can’t exactly understand “the current position of the Motor”.
In the beginning, I think “motor.position()” return the current angle of the motor(0~360 degrees)
But I changed my idea after I watch a video.
Is it mean the total angles the motor spun?

I could be wrong, I don’t have my code with me to fact check (and the api doesn’t say much about it), but I believe motor.position() is from 0-360, and motor.rotation() is the total degrees spun, an easy way to tell us to have the brain constantly print the rotation and position of a motor, spin the motor, and observe the outcome


I have come back to my school just now.
And sadly, you’re wrong.
The position is the total degrees spun and the rotation is from 0-360
But why?I’m not a native English speaker so that I can’t understand why the total degrees spun is named after “position”.It makes me confused.

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Just to restate. motor.position is the total rotation of the motor (Increasing as the motor move forward and decreasing as the motor moves back) and rotation is in the range of 0 - 360. For more information look at the API here or create a test program and have the value print to the brain. This is extremely helpful when using the inertial sensor as there are many methods that produce the same result and the documentation is not very specific on the differences.

ok, so motor.rotation() doesn’t exist anymore, we removed that back in August. When it was available motor.rotation() did exactly the same thing as motor.position(). Background on the changes here.

The position of the motor is really the position of the motor’s internal quadrature encoder converted into the requested units, either degrees, revolutions (turns) or raw encoder counts.


Oh, it was in the vex api so I added it, is that an official api? Or is that community made?

That confused me too, but it is probably named after the fact it is referring to the global position of the motor

Thanks.I’m still confused about its strange name.At least, I have a avaliable pid controller now.
I think I won’t try to understand it until I’m really good at VEX.

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