Whats the most awards that you won at one tourntament?

i just wanted to know the most awards you won at one tourtament. we one 3 (or the website says 4) at our home tourntament this season. lets see yalls achievements this year!


I won the spelling award at my regional tourntament!!!


yooooooo!!! 20chrs
good job man. great robot spelling AI i guess.
i gotta do better next year.

we won 2 which isn’t a lot but it’s 2 good awards, skills and excellence


Gonna be difficult to win more than 3 at one tournament, since you’re only supposed to be able to win 1 judged award.

We personally have never won 3, but we’ve won 2 a couple times…


you know @3141B has won like 6 awards at a tourtament. XD

Screenshots or it didn’t happen

I don’t see it on their Robot Events page

it was a joke my guy. his bot is just that good i could see him getting achievement like that.

we won teamwork, skills, and excellence all in one comp (uk world qualifiers) it was great , idk how we even did it because half the teams we got paired with couldnt move

  • somehow we one skills even though we messed up both our auton and driver it was a trash score but idk

im guessing the UK version of the sportsmanship award is the teamwork award?

noo tournament champs im in iq i shouldve specified

oh ok thank (20 chr)

I won Robot Skills Champion, Tournament Champion, and the Excellence Award at the Pasadena ISD Tournament.

Not to mention a Participation Certificate :smiley:


Not me, but about RogueBots won Teamwork Champion, Skills Champion, and Excellence. At State.

I’m with // CodeRed //.
This was IQ.

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Not me but my sister team in middle school won 4 awards at a tournament, somehow bamboozling the judges into giving them excellence and design.

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The most we have gotten is 2, but we have gotten at least 1 award at every competition this year, so 6 awards for 5 competitions, which is a school record.

there was this leauge thats happened in claremore ok and the end result was the claremore HS and MS teams won all but one award.

they won skills too.

This should never happen. Did only one team turn in a notebook?