Whats the most points you have seen scored in autonomous period?

Whats the most points you have seen scored in autonomous period? I was just wondering because I have not seen anything over 6 (2 cubes in one goal).

By a single robot? That would be 12, by 575 on a pretty regular basis. 417 and 418 have both accomplished this, too, but aren’t as reliable. The best I’ve seen by an alliance would be 19, by 575 and a number of partners who could score two in the high goal.

The best auto play I saw was in Redmond where 417 scored their own high goal, then capped over two cubes of the other alliance in the other high goal. That was very cool. First runner-up goes to 1899 and 722 who both had unique autos that scored in surprising ways, just not as reliably as 575.

By the way, two cubes in a goal is worth seven points, not six: 5+1+1.

We do 15 points.

Start at autoloader: 5 cubes, 2 into high goal, 3 into 12" goal

2+3+5+5 = 15

what competitions were giving owned goal bonuses after autonomous? The four I’ve been to counted just the number of cubes.

They were doing it wrong.

2 in 15", 3 in 9"?

The most reliable I’ve seen is 1337’s auto - they put one in both 21" goals. 254B tried a three goal auto using shaft encoders, but the results never came out the same (usually 2 goals scored).

2 into the highest goal, 3 into the 15

Sorry if I got the heights wrong… it’s been a while

I’ve got a program to cap 1 block in each of the 21" goals which is 12 points(one program for red and one for blue), one program for red/blue of the 15" and 9" (12pts) and i’m working on a program for a third but idk if there’s time in 20sec for my bot.
i never really planned on one for the programming skills challenge.

I was just wondering were these examples of points scored by the alliance or just one robot of the alliance. I have been working on a program but it is ver hard to score many points with only 20 seconds. Thanks to those who replied!

pretty sure these are single robots.
the 20sec does feel a bit short, but i dont htink i would make it 30 or anything. it’s kind of an added challenge to score fast in autonomous to me.

148c was able to score one in the 15" and 1 in the 9" goal.