What's the tallest robot made in vex?

Curious to see what the tallest working robot made in vex is as Karthik really emphasized the no-height limit for the robot at the reveal of In the Zone.

I’m sure this won’t even come close to the tallest, but the robot I’m messing around with these days extends up to about 56 inches. It’s a competition-legal robot, but it won’t ever compete (I’m a little old for VRC and I’m not enrolled in college…)

the theoretical max height acomplishable in vex (solid c channel 18" cube) is 486 feet

Linear slide should be able to pick up a little more.

I’d have to say it’d be a robot from Skyrise. The Skyrise towers themselves were 5 ft tall at the highest, and many robots would lift at least one 8 inch cube over the top, coming to a minimum height of 68". Off the top of my head, I’d say it was Disco’s DR6B, but I’m not sure.

I wish I still had the video of our robot from skyrise. It was a 6.5 ft" scissor lift with a passive chain intake. It was a mess, but we didn’t do too terribly with it. It was the tallest one that I saw, at least during skyrise.

Tallest documented vex robot I saw locally was this 68.5" skyrise robot from freezing code. Some of the thrower bots last year in star struck came close, but I have yet to see documentation about height for them.

Any robot that could put a cube on a full Skyrise was at minimum 68".

There were some pretty tall VEX U robots in Skyrise, largely due to the 24" size limit allowing the intakes to be a little taller than high school robots:

I’m estimating Big Mac (AURA’s 24") at about 84" tall to the top, but I could be wrong.

@matterny how does that video have so little views? That is an amazing machine!


Come on guys, when has AURA ever failed to impress?

Before Skyrise there was Gateway. I think it was 72" at the top.

80N - Nightcrawler tall view

Is there any video of that beast in “unfold” mode? I’d like to see it go from cube to stretched behemoth.

I will be honest, I saw the reveal and was confused, saw it at worlds and was confused, and now I see it and am still confused.


Are the bars made out of 1x bars and standoffs?

I found this.

Thank you. My google fu was weak.