What's this material?

The robot at the start uses some kind of rubber band, and I was wondering if it was an official vex material (and which?) or if it was their own.

I ask because I haven’t seen it in the vex catalog, and I thought using other than vex materials was banned (except for a few exceptions).

Thank you in advance,

I assume that you’re talking about what’s on the sides of the arms. Those are rubber bands and are available from vex, although I think that most teams buy them elsewhere. They’re really useful for helping your arm raise, often the motors will not be strong enough when you have 5 sacks or so in whatever mechanism you use to hold the sacks.

I think they are #32 rubberbands 1/8x3". About $7.00 a pound at an Office Supply store. Vex sell bags of 20 for about $2.00

Yeah, make sure you buy the #32 Rubber Bands. The #64 aren’t VEX legal.

Buy them from Staples or something. We just have 1500 sitting in a tub that we didn’t spend more than $15 on.

They are a very effective and low cost “Turbo” for your lift assembly! With 4 on each side we were able to lift several more sacks and have less staling. Like they said, make sure you buy the right size. We got a huge bag at staples and replace them before each tournament. You may also want to take them off when the robot is being stored for any length of time between matches.