What's VEX Worlds like in 2023?

Starting this post early since two of my teams already have invites to Worlds and there are a ton of Signature event winners out there.

The top question on everyone’s mind is “What’s it like going to VEX Worlds?”

Please don’t start dozens and dozens of new threads asking what worlds is like. Pile into this one.

Please don’t ask about the new game. We will ALL find out the last day of the VRC events and the last day of the VEXIQ events. Not before. Just wait. There are also dozens of threads about what the 2023-24 game will be, please don’t start another one.

So lets start here, what is Worlds like? This worlds will be the biggest ever VEX worlds. It’s grown across the years, but this year may be MAX SIZE.

Worlds is amazing.

#1 Don’t sit in your pit on your phone. There are teams from all over the US and from all over the world. Get a light colored shirt and a dark sharpie marker. Get a team from every country/state to sign your shirt. Create some permanent memories you can take home.

#2 Worlds, while it’s about winning it isn’t about winning. It’s about the experience, the people you meet the things you see and do. Make the most of that experience. Organize pickup games on the practice fields. Talk to your alliance partners in line. Wander around meeting new people.

#3 Make a button that says “I’m xxxx on the Vexforum”. Here is your chance to meet a forum person and maybe there are people looking for you. Make it easy for them to find you. Maybe a second button with a good picture of your robot so people remember you AND your robot.

#4 Talk to teams about their designs their builds. Nobody is going to duplicate a robot in two days, teams will show off what they’ve done. For lots and lots of teams this is their last worlds, they are seniors. Here is your chance to learn from (or teach someone) cool tricks. Take notes, pictures if they let you. Let them show off their cool stuff. Show them your great design ideas. This is where the sharing is the best. You are at the pinnacle sharing how you got to the top. Bask in the coolness of the ideas you are deluged with.

#5 Have fun, remember, across the entire program (VRC, VIQ, VEXU, drones), only 11 teams will be World Champions. Odds are in your favor to not be one of them. Don’t ruin your experience by having a win or die expectation of being a Champion. Have an expectation that you competed with (VIQ) and against (VRC) with the best in the world. Learning from and with them is the greatest experience possible.

#6 Thank all of the RECF staff, the referees and the volunteers that make this possible. They all put thousands of hours in, make sure they know that you appreciate it. Which has a flip side, when something goes wrong, it’s not going to be the worst thing that happens in your life, push past it, keep your worlds experience positive.

#7 Make new friends, collect info from them, give them yours. This is a small community, your paths will cross again and again. It’s always great to have the network connections to use later on in life. Multiple years after Worlds in Disney Florida, I still talk to people that I met there.

I’ve had roboteers come back from Worlds and the key thing they all say is " I’ts not like going to a show, it’s like being the show."

#8 And lastly when you come back from Worlds, teach your sister teams and next years teams how cool, great, exciting it was to go to Worlds. Transfer your energy that last day of Worlds to them so they have the desire to be the Greatest Robotics Team in the world (oh and yea, all those cool build / programming things? Teach them to your teams too, they are going to need them).

Good luck at Worlds 2023. Congrats on making it!!


this year is my first time competing with metal bots and i’m just wondering how the IQ and VRC divisions (not sure if thats the right word, sorry lol) differ in terms of worlds experiences!

I made it to wrlds last year for IQ, and it was really fun!
Collecting so many pins and being able to compete in such a massive centre was a great experience - and i’m wondering how similar the vrc version of the event is, just so i can kind of get a feel of what it’s like in case i either make it into this year’s worlds or possibily qualify in the future

so, anyone have any stories about their time at worlds?

this is my first year with metal robots but i hear it is the same or almost the same.

I have never competed in IQ, and would therefore not know what IQ worlds was like, but I would expect the primary difference to just be the size of the fields, as well as the age of your fellow competitors. It is still just as fun!


Yea, just scaled up

2 char

Singapore teams will be flying over for worlds!

Once again, I am here to ask if there will be any kind soul that will be able to host the SG teams - maybe on 24 Apr.

Ideally it would not be too far off the convention Center area (so that we can save up some traveling time).

We are hoping to make use of the host’s fields to let our robots have some runs in the morning of 24th Apr.
The only thing we can offer in return is maybe scrimmage with the local teams in the afternoon.


Well, if you shoot by Framingham, MA, should be fine :slight_smile:

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I made it into Middle School Worlds yesterday, It’d be cool to see if other Middle School Teams on the VEX Forums made it :]

Nice post anyways, Worlds is very hype for IQ & VRC & VEXU unless you get sick after

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Last year was my first time at worlds (VRC, Middle School) and it was pretty similar to what you described for IQ. It was one of the best experience of my short life.



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Hey guys, just wanted to know if online challenges winners who qualify to worlds actually receive their award in the big dome or in their divisions as my understanding is to the extent that all other awards apart from the Stem Research awards receive their’s on the big stage. Can someone please clarify? Thanks!

Last year the STEM winners were recognized on the video board in the dome and received their trophy in between matches during division finals.

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What about other ones like Promote etc…

As a division champion, I had the incredible opportunity to experience the excitement and magic of Vex Worlds firsthand. The dome is an awe-inspiring venue, and as competitors, we were granted access to the backstage area, where we were able to see the intricate workings behind the scenes. It was fascinating to see all the props and equipment used to bring the stage to life, and it gave us a deeper appreciation for the effort that goes into making the competition a success.

Being up close to the game itself was an unforgettable experience. The level of strategy, skill, and teamwork on display was truly inspiring, and it was an honor to be a part of it all. While this year may present some challenges for our team, we are determined to do our best and defend our division title. We have our sights set on a second consecutive win, and we’re eager to see how we stack up against the competition at Vex Worlds.

Our team has also made the decision to transition fully to VRC, and we are excited for the opportunities that lie ahead. We have been fortunate to qualify for both IQ and VRC competitions at Vex Worlds, and we are grateful for the chance to participate in both. We are looking forward to making the most of this experience and representing our team with pride.

Yo yo yo! Quebec team from here! My teamate went to world last year but not me so i can’t wait to go for my first time!

Last year at Worlds, I may or may not have eaten ~1500 calories and only a couple of bottles of water for three days straight. I do not recommend it.

In other words, make sure you take breaks and time to eat and drink. Keep hygiene, please wear deodorant (Pits are 10x10, right near each other).

Make sure to find people you know from discord or the vexforum. Last year I went and met @lacsap because I knew him from the vexforum, and asked for any advice from an experienced coach.

This is the experience of a lifetime, and not many people get this. Make it worth the time and money.


Does anyone have a copy of the detailed schedule from last year (2022) Elementary division? I know they might change it up but trying to make travel arrangements for a team and need to have a reference!

Last year one of my teams won the Elementary Poster contest. They were recognized in Division Finals and given a trophy. Not sure if it will be the same this year because the Poster contest didn’t have an automatic World spot.

VIQC ES will be from May 2 to May 4.

Deodorant is SO important! Literally please bring some. Your experience (and the experience of everyone around you) will be much better for it. Also, hydrate b4 you die-drate lol
Other than that, have fun! Its a great chance to meet up with ppl from the forum or meet some new friends, and a lot of cool mechanisms and designs are on display, which is always fun to see.


Just to check - are all the payments in the convention center still credit cards-only?
it will be a big issue for the students to get food and drinks.