Whats yo favorite type of music

Choose ur favorite type of musil{…
and if u want u can write the bands under the type of musil{

I think you forgot to choose the “poll” option

sry took awhile to make poll musil{ types

You should have put dance or techno on there, I know how much the people who build VEX love techno, they play the “Sandstorm” song at least 12 times during the competition.

Sry never heard of dance or techo
i’ve only had vex 2 yrs and used 1yr noprogramming kit
and i’ve never been to competition i cant w8 til i go to BCTC they might participate in the competition

country!!!:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I love SandStorm and I’v never been to a comp.

I mostly listen to grind and death .cannible corpse, naplam death, through the eyes of the dead, and misery signals are in my top 10

Im mostly for Heavy/Death/Rap metal, rap, hip-hop, and rock(any kind except soft)
the songs i like usually r really fast, use a lot of different sound effects or scream which usually make them awesome.

Here’s a list:
Linkin Park: PTS.OF.ATHRTY,enth e nd, ppr;kut,1stp klosr, Hit the floor, Figure.09, and from the inside
Metallica:Ride the lightning
Limp Bizkit:Chocolate starfish and hotdog flavored water(whole album),nookie
Akon:Konvicted(bout half album)

I like rock myself.

you all might think im crazy, but i dont even listen to music :slight_smile:

I like dance and hardcore, brain bangin’, techno with some hard rock. I like sandstorm and al the remixes. I also listen to Vanilla Ice and “the Hustle”.

Vanilla Ice-VIP:p

lol i never heard of any of these guys.

Are you talking about Sandstorm, VIP and The Hustle?
Sandstorm is a song remixed hundreds of times and it is the most overplayed dance song at the copetitions. VIP is the Vanilla Ice Posse, and the hustle is that song back from the 70’s that had its own dance and it said in the lyrics, “Do the Hustle!”

I don’t much, but when I do it’s usualy rock or, more rarly, country.

i like rock and rap music

I like rock, blues, and classical.

i dont think you’re crazy, i rarely listen to music, i hate all this new stuff like rap, r &b, hip hop, etc…

BTW you cant spell crap without rap (just my opinion!)