whats your biggest bot

my digital camera is broken so i cant post any pics. but my biggest bot would probely be one of my grabber bot it was probly 2 1/2 feet high because i cant do much with just a starter kit and a gear ,omini wheel kit i want to get more parts but o well post ure bots:D

i have one right now that has a single stage elevator (without vexlabs slides) and the robot is about 4 feet tall. also about 7-8 pounds. it uses alot of metal parts. ill post pics soon.

its funny i was about to start a thread about this subject. my biggest robot is this one. it chins up on a 7’ bar starting from about 4’.

heres another big robot built for the tripple play FRC game. it has a one stage elevator with a pivioting arm on it at its highest it is about 4’6" tall

Thats neat… have there been any Vex bots that climb along the bar?

Here’s mine, He’s not finished yet, But he’s all Vex inside.

“Holy Cow!!” That works well… Even with Room Light… Enclosed inside it should be very reliable…

Thank you!!!
I like the way it reflects and gives me that touchless switch.

that is amazing! how many sensors are there on it right now?

as for me, i got two pairs of vexlabs slides and used them to make a two stage elevator, which can start off at about 18" and extend to about 40"

Right now, R2 has 3 Infareds and 2 Ultras.
I still have alot of work to do.

ctx32 is using 2 Vex Controllers, and there still might be a way to connect the two together…
See Programming (the R2D2)