What's your craziest Worlds/ Tournament Experience? Or Thing You Saw?

Mine has to be when each of the teams at our hotel in dallas were just partying untill like 4 in the morning.
Great Times!
PS sorry to the people next door >_<

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Which hotel did you stay at because we were doing the same. Here are some pics of our setup.


we stayed at crown pointe plaza in the downtown the countertop where the coffee machine is at seems really familiar

Yeah we also stayed there.

Oh wait you were there the same times we were!

I see ssbu there… did you guys also play a bunch during worlds?


I saw some guys running around in among us costumes



At one point some people were dragging one of them around in a wagon. The person in the suit wasn’t moving at all…

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Also finding someone elses robot on the airport convaryer without knowing who it was for a good 30 mins.


Plane grind never stops😈


iven been trying to find that program what is it?


good looking out gangy

During the ITZ season, my team was technically a middle school team, although there were only 3-4 middle school teams in my state. we wound up going to worlds off of the middle school excellence award, because we made it to the state finals competing against HS teams.

At one tournament we were in the finals and our backup driver was driving because our main had to leave. he was being stubborn trying to get a cone on the stationary goal in the las 30 seconds and he got the robot stuck, snapping a support standoff. He kept trying to move the dr4b to dislodge the bot, but it just made the robot look like it was dancing. I’ll see if I can find the picture.

so yeah… my eighth grade team made a pole dancing robot.


After think about this more he probably passed out from heat exhaustion cause those suits must be very hot

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You unearthed a vex mafia, apparently.

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I once saw a team that had built a replica ww2 tank out of vex parts… they did not do well


Someone who was lactose intolerant in my org chugged a gallon of milk at states… it was not a good night for him


Thats spirit if ive ever seen it