whats your favorite game system?*this poll actually makes sense>.>*

Mine is DS!!!EBA FTW!!!AWDS FTW!!!

where’s nintendo 64?

Super Nintendo Entertainment System??? (Got a Game Cube too, but the Kids Play it…)

only ten options guys:P

gotta luv my ps2
all i need is a dvd player and games
i dont really think the ps3 is much of improvement except sensors and blu-ray:D
the wii is great and compact and the xbox 360 already has an adaptor to connect to your pc monitor(works as good as an hd tv and cheaper) i wish the wii and ps2/ps3 had an adaptor
so pretty much i like all
except ps2 was the most well priced like wii and had some pretty good games
wii doesnt have many gun games

Nintendo 64. does anyone still play that? that’s the latest game system i have. mario tennis all the way

btw heavy metal, i can see you changed your signature. From “if you don’t think vex is cool, then you have to watch this {youtube vex flamethrower video}”


“please build responsibly”

nothing wrong with that though:D

We need a VEX videogame. I’d say that everyone would buy it in the community.

…how about NO! …you crazy dutch bastard

–Dr. Evil

Why not? You could go through the building process using something similar to Autodesk Inventor and build the robot. You could test it out, do a simplified programming process and choose different games to compete in for unlockable parts.

well there’s also a game out called starwars droid works. Pretty much one of the most anti-climatic games ever.

We already spend so much time building vex, why spend more time playing a game about it?

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]No! Vex is for robots, not for video games![/FONT]

agreed, also anyone who has played video games for years…lucky

when i was 5 i got a nintendo 64, had it for about half a year, im 13 and just a year ago i got a PS2

Would the Vex game be like the horrible BattleBots game series? The BattleBot game thing was a total flop.

For current game systems i go for X-box 360, which is superior in graphics and game selection. For slightly older game systems, I like GameCube because of its well rounded controller and Super Smash Bros:cool:

I bought a “used” Game Cube recently, with 15-20 games… My kids play them, I don’t have time… :wink:
My kids like Super Smash Bros., Animal Crossing and Wario World. Also Disney Party…

ya ive got 2 gamecubes might get wii and my favorite games for game cube would be supersmash bros , mario cart double dash madden slugfest and 007 agent under fire

i want a wii but im going to wait for them to come out with more games and to fix all (90%-100%) of the glitches, BTW the PS3 controller is kind of like a wii controller

how a wii controler is just a bar and a ps3 is the same as ps2 but wireless

I think that, by far, the XBox 360 is the greatest game system. Its got good graphics and plenty of games. I believe HALO 3 is the best game.

i thought it was to untill i saw thishttp://tech.yahoo.com/blog/patterson/2902;_ylt=AsI13_7LSvtWBDE.QIvQ0vbVMZA5 but i think its fixed now and i think it was only on a couple