Whats your favorite music group?!?!

Music is a great expression of self
fill out the poll or write your own person/band

This has nothing to do with VEX

sure it does i listen to music while i work on vex all the time. and i’m disapointed that blink didnt make it on the poll :frowning:

Well I listen to music sometimes while I am working with VEX, not all the time, but still, this really has nothing to do with it.

we need to have more forum areas. On all my other Forums there is an area called the ‘off topic thred’ where you can talk about anything that comes to mind. and by the way my favorite band is the killers

Good idea, this one is called “Chit-Chat”, but it is not specific enough, it is kind of vague. In fact I think all of the “topics” we have to choose from are very vague. I think 70% of people that make a new thread just pick the general forum b/c we either have chit-chat, ask someone about one specific thing, Cadd or the gerneral forum.:frowning:

I’m disapointed there isn’t more variety in bands. I mean where’s the County and Death Metal.

srry didnt put enough variety :frowning:
mostly just chose my favorite bands off the top of my head:rolleyes:
im gonna make another poll

thats kool:D

I haven’t heard of ANY of those bands. Or maybe it’s because I don’t pay attention to that?

I havent listened to any of those and I prolly wouldnt like them either:o
I like CCR.

it is on chit chat

Ive heard of Green Day and Akon

Now I’ve heard of ONE. It’s “Greenday”.

green day and acdc

i’ve heard of all of them

Metallica :cool:

acdc, metallica , akon yung joc , young jeezy , lil jon ,def lepard, kiss, rolling stones, lynerd skynerd and anyone else thats good i basicly like rock and rap

Well I usually listen to U2 (their older songs, the new ones kind of suck) or All American Rejects. Why didn’t those bands make it on the pole?

i listen to mudvayne