Whats your favorite non-vex tool you use to make your robots?

My whole team likes teh Dremel

I would say that the tool we use the most would be a rotary cut off tool but we also use ball end wrenches a lot for getting to awkwardly placed screws.

Nut Driver!!!111!!!1!11!!

I’d have to go with the dremel too.

Soldering iron and Ossilloscope, if i had to pick one(i do) soldering iron for making custon sensors and pieces

hmm… i guess im a bit low tech compared to you, because i would have to go with pliers. :slight_smile:

Rubber mallets for driving really long axels through multiple gears and bar locks. It works wonders. And then vice grips for getting them out again if necessary.

Mine is the soldering iron.:smiley:

mine would be hammer, Pliers , and Anvil.

i’ll second that

A brain :slight_smile:

If you’ve ever seen the Vex poster I think you’ll realize an oddly shaped oversize brain is in fact supposed to be standard for a Vex user…I never did get the point of that poster.

I must say I find that poster disturbing. If the oversize head was meant to portray a large brain in failed horribly. They would have done better to show a kid working with VEX and the top of his skull missing and an overflowing brain sitting there.

Link to the poster please?I have never seen it.

I couldn’t find it on the internet but we have it hanging at our school, I don’t know why, I’ll see if I can get a picture of it.

I like to use needle nose pliers and tweezers, useful for holding small things in place.

I think im gonna have to go with the dremmel
i have a soddering iron but its not my fav because once you use it, the pieces will be stuck together long long time.:smiley:

big hammer and chop saw