What's your favorite screw length?

I personally favor .375" over all others. You can screw two pieces of metal together, and have just enough space to put a full sized lock nut on the end. If you are screwing more pieces together, just use a smaller lock nut. What do you guys think, what is your favorite screw size?

0.375" with a nylock nut for two pieces of metal, and 0.5" with a keps nut for bearing flats, with the keps nut on the bearing flat not the metal.

I’d have to go with 0.5", because we need them for bearings but don’t seem like we have any, ever xD

2" + nylock to connect 2 pieces of metal is a great way to torture people :thumbsup:

Ironically enough, last year we had 2" screws sticking out on the top inside of our chain bar, so we used them to mount our license plates. 2" screws are the real MVP

either .375 or .5 those are the most common ones we use

however long the shortest ones are. i dont know why, but my designs LOVE those screws


They are great for standoffs+a little spacer or nearly anything else

Three to five minutes

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Personally, my favorite screw length is custom screws made out of shafts. (I do this a lot and have many on my robots for many different reasons)


Oh wow! This is really useful; you could have one part screw, one part axle. Huh.

What size screws do you end up with? I figure the diagonal is about the outer diameter of a #8 since we can use #8s as axles, so you’d likely be missing a lot if you go for #8. But maybe not too much? Since you can use commercially available nuts for size #4 and #6 screws, you’ve got plenty to work with.

Do you ever get questioned for really long screws out if shafts? Or do you just never go past 2"?

Truly evil! Little kids do this a ton. My theory is that they don’t yet have the dexterity to handle the smaller proper sized screw so they always go with one twice as long as necessary or more. I do not like taking apart other peoples robots.

I do this often.

Same as vex screws, 8/32. The corners thread nicely, but the flat parts just kinda get scraped. Still works with normal vex hardware.

There is nothing illegal about this. I’m just cutting a shaft in a weird way.
Edit: Also, when I do this it still is square, so it’s pretty easy to tell that it isn’t a 4" long screw.

Motor screws. Especially stripped ones.

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