What's Your Method for String Containers

We’ve been through a couple string containers for our expansion but most of them either
a) Cannot untangle fast enough
b) Sometimes fell off and disqualified us

We’re currently just using a 3-wide c-channel and a ziptie.

Any good methods that you’ve seen so far?

Vex Spin Up Endgame Expansion | 67101C
This is a helpful video that 9MotorGang made a while ago, their expansion uses string wrapped around standoffs for storage.

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Worked well for us with no issues.

I want to reply so I can follow the thread. We had the same experience and problem. One of my teams was hit and it activated the endgame 15 seconds before time and they DQ’ed them in a the semifinal match that they would’ve have won otherwise. (Which knocked out their alliance - who happened to be another one of our teams.) Now they’re afraid to tackle it since that happened. Is it worth the chance of being disqualified? Not sure.

Another is using C channels but the bars are causing friction or the screws are stopping the release altogether. So they’re working on drawings and research now.