What's your skills route?

Hello all! As the title suggests, what is your route for your skills? Is your programming different from driver’s? What routes work best to maximize time? I’ll start, here is mine for driver’s:

If it helps, see my post for a diagram of the skills field to play with.

How has that route worked for you?

@Elohssa We haven’t fully executed this route yet. We ran a shorter version of this at our last tournament because we didn’t have the driving experience and didn’t have a hanging mechanism on yet. We should be testing this new expanded route this week, I’ll let you know how it pans out.

We copied this route https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8vPt7lFHJA

Ours (shown above) is fairly close to the one that ethan_matlack posted. At this point in the season I think all driver routines are going to be just about the same and it will come down to farzones.

Ours is similar. We do the forwards and backwards to pick up the programming loads, then we turn and get the center cube. It is not the most accurate, but we are adding a gyro sensor so we can make it better for worlds.

@985C_Robohawks Gyros are a game changer. Some of our teams actually will use several and average the values together. Also, on tank drive bases they will average the left and right side. My team also uses an accelerometer. All this together enables us to determine our exact position/angle on the field at any given time even if the programming routine messes up.

I’ve had trouble with stabilizing Accelerometers how are you keeping values stable. My accelerometer seems to return values which seem to jump all over the place even when perfectly still?

@Maverick All sensors have a bit of noise, so depending on the use case, we might divide the value by say 10 (and drop the decimal) to lessen noise, but the noise shouldn’t be really bad. First thing to check is to make sure it is electrically isolated. (Mounted using plastic screws and plastic washers, etc.) A great deal of noise can come from it not being isolated. If that isn’t the problem then look at where it is mounted. Is it a solid piece of structure? Not moving/vibrating during robot use? If it is indeed mounted well, then its probably a bad egg and needs to be replaced. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve had bad experiences with VEX parts recently. Q/C is just so-so.

@ethan_matlack you might be right that I may have an bad sensor. My accelerometer is jumping values about a 1000 at a time. VEX isn’t really known for tight tolerances, and quality control.