Wheel Distance for 20 feet

Hi, I’m trying to make the wheel go 20 feet but I don’t know how many turns the motor needs to go that distance can someone help me?

You have a couple of options:

  • Move the robot a measured 20 feet and measure how many rotations the wheel makes
    • This is the most direct, but least versatile method
  • Move the robot a precise number of rotations and measure how far the robot moves, then do math
    • This will give you a distance-per-rotation that you can use to move any arbitrary distance
  • Calculate the distance the robot should move per rotation of the wheel (pi * {Wheel Diameter})
    • This should give you the same distance-per-rotation number

From an engineering standpoint, I would recommend calculating and measuring the distance-per-rotation. This will allow you to validate your calculations (if they are different, figure out why they are different.

Good luck!