Wheel Hubs

Can you use glue to keep the little square axle wheel hubs in the wheels? We have a couple that keep sliding out which makes the wheel go wonky.

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Sounds like you need some shaft collars, or spacers, or something that goes on the axle that keeps them in place.


Glue is illegal!! It is not allowed in vex(just like tape)!

After learning tape was illegal 2 years ago, I’m confused about why the inspectors let me compete with a motor that was taped on with copious amounts of masking tape at my first comp when I was in 7th grade.

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ngl inspection is very lenient in non-state/world competitions. Most people don’t care


Glue is legal only under the context of R7d. I highly recommend to teams the use of hot glue for the connection of the battery cable to the brain, although this was much more common prior to V5.

Tape is legal under the context of R7a, R7f, or R10, and could be used as a non-functional decoration per R12.


I got through inspection once and an extra inch during a local tourney AND I WON.

As others have said, no.

However, there is something legal that can be done to keep the drive adapters in place.

  1. Remove the adapter from the wheel
  2. Take something sturdy and pointy (knife, nail, wire, etc) and use it to gouge the internal surface slightly on all 4 flat surfaces.
  3. Flip wheel over and repeat
  4. Insert drive adapter… if tight, you’re done.
  5. If not tight, repeat.

When I do this, I usually just put a ‘pick’ mark with the tip of a box cutter.

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what you could do, is take a broken rubberband, wrap it once around the axle hub, and shove it in (you may have to hit it with something, a ball-peen hammer works best.), then snap off the tail. the rubberband piece helps the hub stay in, and its perfectly legal.

If you’re forcing something of inconsistent thickness with an actual hammer… I can’t think of a better way to 1) destroy a wheel 2) have an out of balance wheel.


Thanks for the info. We’re trying bearings bolted to the wheels to hold them in. Seems to be working.