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Hello. I have a 4 wheel 4 green motor drivetrain. Our bot is having issues pushing mobile goals along with rings, and getting up onto the platform. I can add photos later, but what what do yoy guys suggest? I might have room for gears and I am using 25x5x1 c channels, 2 on each side. Thank you for the help! I could change the wheel setup if it will help, including using 30x5x1 or 35x5x1 or some other type of metal for it. Thank you for the help again!

4 motors at 200rpm on 4” wheels should have no problems climbing, you likely have a drive friction problem, a center of mass problem, and possibly both. When you climb, do your wheels start skidding or do they just stop from the effort? Images of the robot would certainly help in diagnosing the specific causes of your issue.


I can get images tomorrow. Thank you for the help!

Are the rings getting stuck in the drive?

No. The wheels physically can not push too many of them.

Two quick tests to check your chassis:

  • The first test that I frequently do is to flip an (unpowered) robot on the side and give each wheel a manual spin. This will quickly reveal if there is any friction, bent axle, or motor problems.
  • The second test is to leave it on the side and run all chassis motors at the same power to see if any run at a different speed or lack power.

The chassis needs to be able to flex slightly. This will allow the bot to conform to bumps/dips in the field/platform. It will increase traction.

Loosen your chassis bracing screws 1/4 turn.

But also, check friction. Compare motor amps for all 4 wheel motors.

Thank you!
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