Wheel Slip, How to fix?

Hey so we have a 6 wheel drive 4 V5 motor with omnis on the outsides and locked omnis in the middle. We’re thinking due to inconsistency in our auton it isn’t the program because our robot doesn’t veer every time, but that it is one side is slipping. How do we mechanically fix that?

Check for large amounts of friction mostly, it may be a shaft not inserted into the motor well or loose shaft collars. Some pictures could help.

write an acceleration curve on your drive, that way you don’t slip from excessive torque. Make sure that your auton is smooth and not jerky. good weight distribution will also help.

@ranOOm what is an acceleration curve

one thing you can do is yo can also put a screw on the back but I could help more if I could see the robot

I think @ranOOm means is simply to slowly accelerate the motors and slowly decelerate them. This will prevent the wheels from sliding on the ground while not actually getting any distance.