Wheel spacing on turn rate

Hello! Does anyone know how the space from the front wheels to the back wheels effects turn rate and how much the turn rate is effected? I think as the distance increases the turn rate decreases linearly (I have no idea how steep the hypothetical linear line is) but that is just a guess. If anyone has formulas/ graphs/ equations/ guesses that would be awesome

That sounds like a distinct possibility, although I think turn rate is also affected by the distance between the left and right wheels.
The angle of a turn is

distance traveled / (turn radius * 2 * π)

so increasing the turn radius, by increasing the distance between the center of rotation and the wheels, would increase the distance the wheels must turn to reach the same angle. Therefore, assuming the wheels’ rate of travel remains constant, the turn rate would decrease.
Still, this is all theoretical, and I could be quite wrong.
Also, I think the benefits of a longer, wider drive far outweigh the costs of a decreased turn rate, since the larger drive would be more stable and gives you more room for everything else, especially considering that more time is spent going straight than turning, and you get more precise control over the robot’s orientation, which is important for DCL shooting.