Wheel stopping and starting

So, my team’s robot has 4 mecanum wheels, directed powered by 4 393 motors. When running forward/backwards, one of the wheels tend to “shake”. However, upon strafing, that particular wheel is fine, but another wheel starts to shake. What’s wrong?

If it helps, I’m using ports 2,3,4,5.

Could we see the code you are using? It very much sounds as if it could be simply a software problem.



It may help to use ports 2,3 and 8,9 instead, so you can spread the motor current across both the 1-5 and the 6-10 PTC current limiters.

Does it help to drive more gently?

agreed spread the load … if you have the room

I agree that they should spread the motors out, but if they were tripping their cortex PTC with the configuration listed in the OP, wouldn’t the entire drive stop? The PTC linked to all four motors wouldn’t only stop one wheel.

In response to the OP, check the motors themselves. We have 4 393 motors on our mecanum drivetrain, and a while ago we had a similar problem to yours. The cause was found to be the fact that the front 2 motors were severely worn, so they only functioned in certain directions. We replaced the worn motors with new ones, and the problem stopped.

If you pick up the robot do the wheels continue to shake when driven? if the problem stops i suspect it has to do with weight distribution on your axles. make sure the axles are supported on both sides and that there is little friction as possible between them and the chassis

Thats right, my mistake.

That happened to is aswell. We later found out it was just a programing glich. Also it could be helpful to make sure your weels are secure.

That i a great idea. That had happened to us aswell and when we fixed it made them alot better.