Wheel won’t turn in tug of war build

We are working on the gear train portion of IQ ToW. On one side, the wheel doesn’t turn at all. I’ve changed the motor, checked the program, etc. how do I fix this?

Hi and welcome to the forum @Brandy_Horton! If you wouldn’t mind, could you please include some photos of your build so we could work through your problem together? Please see my picture I’ve attached below. The smaller shaft (red shaft) is directly powered by the motor, and I have a 12T gear located on it, driving a 36T gear. Lastly I sandwiched another beam onto the standoffs, and my wheel is on the same shaft (green shaft) as the 36T gear. It is important to have correct spacing when meshing these gears, as if the two shafts are too close, the shafts won’t turn at all, which is the problem you’re experiencing. If it is not a problem with your build, however, I’d be more than happy to take a look at your code you are running to troubleshoot your issue!

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