Wheelie bar triggers for V5

We are a team of four 8 grade girls and we are already qualifyed for state but are still trying to make improvements. We already have a wheelie bar set up and we are at the 18 inch limit. we do have a six bar left and collectors. But does anyone have some better ways to trigger the wheelie bar to come out besides rubber bands against the wall?

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What kin of robot are you using? If you have a claw bot, rubber band the wheelie bar to the lift. If you have a tray bot, connect to where the tray deploys.

This is our robot. it does look a little diffrent but this is the jist of it. the arm does go upIMG_1570

I assume the wheelie bar is in the back?
I would rubber band it to the parts with the red circles and it should pop off when you lift the arms. robot

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Yes the wheelie bar is in the back. would of never thought of this. thank you. good luck on the up coming events.

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Thanks. You too.

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