it is the square bot with a chain kit some extensions to help it stay sideways
it can do wheelies for 1-2 secs if your good with the joystick and it can fall over and get back up:eek:
motor might come loose(or it just might b my screws)
after the battery wears down a bit it cant do wheelies as well

video link cause i felt this robot was the coolest one yet and i found the digital camera

your robot looks like it would be very fun to drive. its always interesting to see what people can make with just parts from the starter kit.

can it turn? I understand that chains cannot withstand much torque, especially with non-omnidirectional wheels.

The chain kit is not included in the starter kit, Just to let you know.

good guess it actually does have slightly horrible turning
i wish:rolleyes: vex would make medium omni wheels cause the small ones r of course too small to use with bot and the big ones dont even fit on rod:mad:

i can get my nobby tire to fit on the 3 inch rod

i think you got the wrong forum

on a small redisign on the square bot (i call it the beta for dragbot 1) , and giving the inspiration for the dragbot 1.0, the beta wheelied so hard i had to stick a wheelie bar on it… however, there was hardly any forward motion on the beta, just some hard wheelies.

its fun to get high speeds and do wheelies but be careful about burning out gear shafts and clutches
so far i need a new
60 tooth gear
3 new clutches
and motor screws

Really good way to keep screws from coming undone: hot glue works perfectly.:smiley:

Bad idea…


putting a small metal washer between the head of the screw and metal is a better idea :smiley:

i really wouldnt hot glue anytihng

What makes you say that? I admit that it i a bit hard to get off afterwards, but I didn’t have any other problems with it. It held my robot together during a drive halfway across the state to UT Knoxville.

well a really easy way to keep screws in is to use loctite on 'em, and it’s easier to get them out with loctite

what octanetripledax said sounds better. Go with his idea, not mine.

Or lock nuts?

general all around better idea: tighten them 'till they cant be tightened no more, have some control though because once i broke an allan key doing that

I’ve done that and still had them rattle loose, bizzarely enough. Loctite/lock nuts are more reliable.