Wheels fly'in off?

Hey, what suggestions would anybody have for making sure you wheels dont fly off like ours did last competition. See yall at state.

You are going to need to elaborate on this. The wheels on your drivetrain flew off?

We didnt have a drive train, we just had some spacers, axels, and collarsbecausewe had to build and code in two days so we didnt have a lot of time, i guess the collars just come loose but we dont hvae any other way to keep them safe

So you just had some wheels in between 2 pieces of metal? Pictures would be extremely helpful.

no there was ligit a square with wheels on the side, there was no metal on the outside

In our years of experience, we never build a competition robot where the wheels are not supported on both the inside and the outside. The best solution is to redesign the base so that you have the wheels placed between two sections of metal connected together like a box around your wheels.

Use normal cap head screws instead of set screws on outer shaft collars and thread-lock them in place.

Cantilevering your wheels (aka West coast) is do-able, but I would recommend againtist it unless you have high strength axles or a really light robot.