Wheels turn with programming, but not driver control

One of our team’s robots is having problems with driver control. The arm and claw motors are working, but the motors attached to the wheels do not work in driver control. I know the motors are working mechanically because the robot moves during demo or programming modes. We’ve checked that everything is updated, including the controller. I am wondering what we should try next, thanks!

Assuming the motors are connected to the correct ports (I think you want 1 & 6)… I would start by swapping the non-working drive motor(s) with the arm and claw motors.

If the new drive motors do not work, the problem is either the wires, or the software.

Another option is to create your own driver program, instead of using the built-in program, the same way you created your program that you said works.

You might also want to try the Device Info program on the brain. Device Info will tell you what the brain thinks is connected to each port. You can get to the device info by pressing X after the brain is started, this should take you to a menu with System Info at the top. Use the arrow keys on the brain to select Device Info. If you have motors plugged into ports 1 & 6 then they should show up in Device Info. If the motors do not show in Device Info, then the motor is probably not fully plugged in, or the motor or wire are bad. If they do show up, then the metal shaft of the wheel is probably not pushed all the way into the motor, and the motor is spinning without moving the wheel.

Are you still running the stock brain program or did you reprogram with your own code?