We have a problem regarding our wheel. Our wheels would work, then stop, and then after a little waiting, it would work again. We are sure it is not the motors overheating nor are they broken. The battery light for the robot on the joystick and robot are orange but the battery is full. We know its not a connection problem since we can still move our arm during that time period. Can we get some help please? Thanks.

It might be a programming issue. Have you checked over all of your programming? Also, there could be unnecessary friction on the wheels. Use the 3-hole bearings to avoid this

Sure sounds like textbook tripping ptc. You sure its not overheating? How long do you drive it before it cuts out? How long do you have to wait before it starts again?

How much does robot weigh?
What is the gear ratio?
How many motors and what mode are they in?

Can a mod please change the title to just about anything else. “Drive train intermittently working” would be a good example

Also, FYI, overheating doesn’t mean they will be physically hot and you most likely won’t be able to feel it on the outside of the motors. The internal PTC overheats and trips power.

I’m not sure if it is the programming since my team and i have reprogrammed it and it still stops. We do have 3-hole bearing for the wheels too.

It will run for 10 seconds then slow down and then stop.

Our gear ratio is a 2:1 ratio. We are unsure how much our robot weighs but our base is steel and our lift is aluminum.

It will cut out after 10 seconds then we will have to wait about 5 seconds but it will be really slow after it cuts out and won’t turn.

How many motors are on your drive? You are most likely overloading the motors and tripping the PTCs. I would add more motors or lower your ratio. The speed setting of the 393’s (1.6:1) is great and reliable for drivetrains.

You are stalling the motors. you need to be 1:1 with no more than high speed gearing in the motor for the 1.6:1 that 400X speaks of. This is not a game of speed (yet).

We are using four motors. One for each wheel. We will try lowering the gear ratio, thanks!

Okay. Thank you!