As a smaller team we don’t really have the resources to test this so I am hoping another team could do this and share it with the community, since we know a all omni wheel base won’t be the best option for this game to get the center parking, what is the best traction wheels for gripping on the polycarbonate.

If its a 4 wheel base, have a set of omni wheel in front or back and the other set be non-omni. Omni wheels are great for turning. This way you wont be shoved as bad as having them all as omni wheels but still be able to turn smoothly

Antichamber found that the 4 inch high traction tires gripped the polycarb the best.

Antechamber did not find this. This has been around for years. But if you take of the rubber part off the wheel and put it around the largest size sprocket, it is the same size as an Omni.

I never said he was the first to find that. https://www.colourbox.com/vector/smiling-emoticon-crazy-emoji-happy-is-an-emotion-yellow-ball-head-vector-25674370

wouldn’t the rubber still be the same size or do you stretch it?

It stretches a bit. From my experience. But I have only ever tried it with sprockets, and it could very well work fine normally.

the rounded rubber wheels have the best grip from my experience

Yes I tested and it seemed to me that the small round rubber green wheels were the best. For some reason they seemed better that the large wheels of the same type.