When a Thread Disappears...

When a thread disappears is it safe to assume it was removed by the moderator because someone broke a rule or the original poster asked for it to be removed…? A thread I participated in yesterday disappeared overnight so I’m curious. On the face of it, it didn’t seem like a particularly controversial thread…

This forum is heavily moderated. It’s been an issue, I don’t want to hard link to it but I’ve done a video on the subject.

Interesting. On other forums I’ve participated in, normally the moderator will just lock a thread with an explanation. I haven’t seen many instances of threads just disappearing.

The OP can also make a thread private so that only they can view it.

I haven’t deleted any threads in awhile. Just inappropriate posts. Not sure what might have happened there.

Like I said… they can be set to private by the OP.

Maybe the OP just made it private. That makes sense. Too bad, I think it had useful information in it.

Which thread are you referring to?