When are the ref videos going up?

Feels like its been forever since the game dropped, and they were really delayed last year too.

same time next year

Make your own!

Lol, they’d probably be better than the official ones.
Maybe the AZ refs should get together and do this sometime. Sounds like fun

I would definitely be willing to help with this if we actually do it.

I would wait until the rules are official before doing so :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, like after the August update probably. For sure not until the June update and the Q&A gets going. Hopefully, recf just rolls up their sleeves and makes the videos right away this year rather than waiting 2/3 of the way through the season to decide that they should make them and then still gets stuff wrong.

Official rules? Who needs those?

All we need is to figure out how the unlock the water game.

I hope they come out earlier than last season. I wonder what was said that got deleted? I really do not think I said anything out of line. Oh well.