When do doors open?

When will the doors open tomorrow? The shedule says 11am driver meeting, but no open doors time :stuck_out_tongue: Unless im looking at the wrong thing?

The doors don’t open until 1 pm.

^ This lists an 11am drivers’ meeting and open forum. You may have a couple of confused attendees… :slight_smile:

EDIT: This is from the robotevents page (up to date)


Really? Then how do we attend the 11am driver meeting shown in the schedule? :open_mouth:

I think that the one at 11 is only for those who need the Mandarin translation and everybody else should have their team/driver meeting on Thursday?

I have some updated information for you.

You can’t check-in and move into your pits until 1 pm Wednesday, but the VEX and RECF open forum will be at 12 noon until 12:45. Stop by the Convention Center to find out where the meeting is.

The Mandarin driver’s meeting is now set for 3-4pm on Wednesday. The Spanish language driver’s meeting is from 5-6pm on Wednesday. Both Mandarin and Spanish meetings are duplicates of the English language meeting at 10am on Thursday.

An important addition: “How Advances in Science are Made” presentation by Nobel Laureate Professor Douglas Osheroff (room 204), 4:30-5:30 pm on Friday.

When you check in (starting at 1pm on Wednesday) you will be given a revised agenda and a TON of additional information. I suggest you read it carefully. :slight_smile: