When do team sign up for events?

I’m a new event partner this year, and I have an event scheduled for Nov. 5. I have virtually no teams scheduled for the event, and I was just wondering when do teams normally sign up? I know that we have already signed up for three other events, all after this one, but I don’t know what normal is.

“Normal” varies widely. In California, for example, events can fill up within minutes of being posted. In Utah, teams wait until the last possible minute. I would suggest two things – talk to your RECF regional support manager and ask if they can help you promote your event, and don’t panic for another 2-3 weeks. It’s still pretty early in the season and I would expect that most teams don’t have their robots done yet.


I personally invite all teams in my area to attend the event and give them a link to the event via email … You can use the admin side of robotevents.com and get a spreadsheet of all the teams in your state this will include all coaches email addresses… We have noticed that all events are not showing up on the new robotevents site when using the filter so that might be the problem also… James