When Does Your Season End?

When do your states or regions end their seasons?

Because I am from Hawaii and the season for us ends in mid/late January. If you do not qualify for states it ends at your last tournament and for my team it ended this past Saturday. Usually we start in mid August and qualifying for states will end in December, followed by the dreading waiting time to see if you have qualified via skills.

(I am not saying bad stuff to our organizing committee, I am just seeing a consensus)

Just curious as to know when other places end their seasons.

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VA states is in the first week of March, but we started this season in mid-November.

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We started at the end on June. We have our own league, so we are not RECF registered. Our non-RECF Championships is at the start of April. Three weeks later, here comes the game reveal.

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Hope you qualify for states! I was on B team at Waipahu and C team in Hilo, so we’re hoping to get in through our decent ish skills as well.

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The season for me and @robotguy starts as soon as school is out mid-late May and we continue throughout the year until hopefully state at the end of February.

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We have had some flux in Michigan the past few seasons, but in general Michigan ends at the end of February or first week of March with the Michigan State Championship. That gives the month of March to prepare for US Open and Vex Worlds if we qualify.

The first scrimage in MI is an early event in the beginning of August, with the first real qualifying event being in Late October. That leaves roughly 4 months of competition.

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Here in Wisconsin for VRC, our local league began on November 1. Our first Saturday qualifying event is this Saturday, December 1 and qualifying events will run until Saturday, February 16. Our state tournament is the first weekend in March. There have been two IQ events already.

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I’m with 6193Z we are three spots away from qualifying so we need teams to drop out if we want to qualify. Our skills score was 13, if we got a 14 we would be in states right now.

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What do you mean by drop out? and how can I see which teams will be getting into states due to skills?

What I meant by that was if teams decline their invitation to states.

But I made a spreadsheet for the Hawaii skills ranking, while there still is the West Oahu League to play, most of the skills scores are finalized.
Skills Qualification Hawaii Turning Point%2FNext Level.xlsx (49.1 KB)

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Thank you for the spreadsheet @1148 . What do you meany by with 6193Z? Who are you expecting to drop out?

That’s the team I’m with. Our team based upon the list won’t qualify for states.

I’m not expecting anyone to drop out. I’m just saying that in order for my team to qualify for states, there has to be three teams that decline offers to states.

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In Florida, the first competitions are usually in early/mid-October, and States is in March, with the last regular-season tournaments being in mid-late February, 2 weeks before States.

Up until last year, States was usually around February 17-19 (President’s Day weekend), and there was only one state championship for each grade level, but this year there are two for high school (March 2nd and March 9th) and one for middle school (March 3rd).

My team usually started building in July, and also had brainstorming sessions right after the game reveal when we weren’t at Worlds.

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This part really surprised me, in Pennsylvania we had our first qualifiers this past Saturday. Also for everyone there, it was their first tourney of turning point! Btw, hope u qualify for states!

Thank you everyone for your input!

From my understanding for our season in Hawaii; our season ends early because of things like fundraising and getting ready for worlds. We end our season early for those reasons because it takes a lot of money to fly from the middle of the Pacific to the continental United States.

Still I wish we could run our season a month later or have some fun events hosted for the newer teams to get new teams interested in EDR.

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I believe that’s the intent of the Saint Louis Invitational.

Can’t teams run private scrimmages?

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I heard that Hawaii ends their season so early because a lot of their vex teams are also FRC teams so that try to make the seasons work well together.

In Texas, the first league was in early October and the first tournament was a week after that. Our state championships start the 23rd of February and end on March 9th.

Illinois isn’t as active in VRC. We start around August and most teams end at state (last week of february). in the case you go farther then it stops 1st week of april (US CREATE) or last week of april (Worlds)
That is if you qualify though.

In TN it ends some where around late Feb early March